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My name is Daniel Carmin and I’d like to introduce you to Rtwerk. Rtwerk provides creative services in graphic design and photography to clients of all shapes and sizes. Currently our talented and responsive team includes me and on-site photographer Dean Young (Photos by DAY).

My resume is provided on this page and I encourage you to peruse it for more information about my professional background, experience, and education. And, of course, I hope that you will visit my portfolio to see samples of my varied work. For additional samples, references, or detailed information about my ability to handle your specific design needs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I've been an artist since I was in elementary school and received “classical training” as a designer and production artist in the 1970s. Later, I returned to school to polish my computer skills and gain new skills in new technology – skills that have allowed me to continue to produce the art I love in an ever wider variety of mediums.

Immediately after my graduation from Platt College in 1999, I took a position creating advertisements for the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Daily News. Over the next year I consistently rose within the organization’s structure but departed in 2000 to broaden my experience by working for a full-service advertising agency.

Today I continue to ply my skills and creativity on a freelance basis. My clients include the national non-profit Pacific Crest Trail Association. As part of my work for the Pacific Crest Trail Association, I produce a full-color, 32-page, glossy magazine (titled the PCT Communicator) six times per year. The magazine is sent to the Association’s more than 5,000 members (along with hundreds of other constituents) and is considered among the Association’s most popular member benefits. Please visit my portfolio to see examples of the Communicator’s cover and inside pages.

While I continue to enjoy working with good old-fashioned paper, I’ve also taught myself Web site production and am expanding my Web-based skills for my clients.