santa cruz islandClose to the California mainland, yet worlds apart, Channel Islands National Park encompasses five remarkable islands (Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara) and their ocean environment, preserving and protecting a wealth of natural and cultural resources. Isolation over thousands of years has created unique animals, plants, and archeological resources found nowhere else on Earth and helped preserve a place where visitors can experience coastal southern California as it once was.

Visiting the Park

Transportation to the islands is available year-round only by park concessionaire boats and planes or by private boat. Public boat transportation is available to all islands by Island Packers. Island Packers is the best way to reach any and all of the Channel Islands. Public airplane transportation is available to Santa Rosa Island by Channel Islands Aviation. Private boaters may land on all five islands within the park throughout the year


In general, the islands have a Mediterranean climate year-round. Temperatures are relatively stable, with highs averaging in the mid-60s (F) and lows in the low-50s.

What can I do at Channel Islands National Park?

The islands not only offer a delightful break from the congestion and clamor of urban life, but also numerous outdoor activities hiking, camping, snorkeling, kayaking, birdwatching, photography, or just relaxing to the soothing sounds of the natural world.

Channel Islands National Park encompasses five remarkable islands and their surrounding one mile of ocean. Each of the islands is a fascinating world unto itself. They are miniature versions of the California that many visitors may have thought was lost long ago.
Whether visiting for a day or a week there are numerous places to go within the park.

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