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Feel the Love

shirleypaulaThis is where it all begins and ends - dogland, aka home. My two special needs little dogs are the light of my life and when they're happy, I'm happy.

The funky layout of this page

Since this is a one-column layout, the .content is not floated. If you add a .footer within the .container, it will simply follow the .content div.

The previous paragraph of text attempts to explain what's going on in this pre-formatted page. I thought I'd experiment with one of the pre-formatted pages when creating this page. First of all, I have no idea why Dreamweaver is naming the <div> boxes with the name .container and .footer when those are names for Class styles. So I renamed them. And we haven't gotten to floating pages/boxes yet so I'm not understanding the behavior of the container box at all. And according to what our textbook says about absolute vs. relative positioning of divs (page 130), the tab navigation box and footer of this layout should be relatively positioned, but when I try to do so, they get all wacked out, position-wise. So this page is an experiment, and not a very successful one.